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At Track Speed Development (TSD), our journey began with a shared passion for athletics, a vision to redefine speed training, and a mission to make athletes faster than they ever thought possible. Founded by a team of dedicated coaches, our coaching service offers a unique and comprehensive approach that caters to athletes from all sports who aspire to unleash their full potential and make a difference in their respective disciplines.

The driving force behind our inception was the belief that speed is the ultimate game-changer in sports. We recognised that in a world where victory and defeat often hang in the balance of a fraction of a second, elevating an athlete's speed could spell the difference between triumph and disappointment. With this in mind, we set out to create a coaching service that centres around one simple yet powerful mission – to make you faster than you are today.

Our team at TSD is more than just a group of coaches; we are a family of athletes, educators, sports scientists, and specialists who share an unwavering commitment to your growth and success. Each member of our team brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, and expertise to guide you on your journey to greatness. As you get to know our team, you'll discover the unique qualities that set each of our coaches apart. Jack, with his background in teaching and passion for simplifying sports dynamics, connects with athletes on a personal level, inspiring them to extend beyond their personal bests. Dr Mike, with his clinical experience and coaching background, creates practical rehabilitation solutions, helping athletes return to their sport stronger than before. Louis, armed with an encyclopaedic knowledge of athletics history and sports science, pushes athletes to elite standards through cutting-edge technology and data-driven coaching.

Join us at Track Speed Development, and together, let's rewrite the narrative of speed training. Embark on a transformative journey with our dedicated team, and let's uncover the hidden potential within you, propelling you towards greatness on the track and beyond. 

the Team

TSD is a team of experienced coaches dedicated to helping athletes reach their peak performance in any sport. 

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Jack Edwards

Co-Founder TSD


Sprint Coach (Short)

B.A Arts in Educational Studies/B.A. Arts in International Studies

Jack brings his experience as a high school teacher and as an aspiring athlete himself to connect with and inspire the athletes he works with.


He prides himself on simplifying the complex dynamics of sport into engaging and understandable language, loving nothing more than seeing his athletes extend beyond their personal bests.


Jack's devotion to education is evident in his coaching approach. He firmly believes that speed training should be accessible to everyone, regardless of their background or experience.


Whether you aspire to be jacked, explosive, and fast, or simply want speed training explained in simple terms, Jack is your go-to coach at Track Speed Development.

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Dr Mike (PhD)

Co-Founder TSD

Rehabilitation Coach (AEP)

Level 4 - Specialist Coach AA

Dr. Mike brings a remarkable combination of academic expertise and real-world experience to TSD.


With a coaching background that includes working with international sprinters and the Japanese Women's Rugby team, his prowess in coaching is evident.

Utilising his clinical experience, Dr. Mike creates practical rehabilitation solutions that not only aid athletes in recovering from injuries but also push them to exceed their previous bests in sporting performance.


If you're returning to sport after an injury or dealing with a niggle, Dr. Mike is your go-to expert. Reach out to him for the answers and solutions you need to get back to peak performance.

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Louis Dennison

Sports Scientist

Sprint Coach (Long)

B.A Sports and Exercise Science

Louis's vast knowledge of athletics history and coaching makes him an invaluable asset.


His passion for sports science research drives him to improve athletic performance with evidence-based methods.


As the head of our 'Long Sprints' program, Louis's expertise in physiology and technology propels his 400m athletes to elite standards. His ability to break down performance-defining numbers empowers athletes to make remarkable progress during training.

Join us and benefit from Louis' expertise as a Sports Scientist & Sprints Coach with Track Speed Development.


Get in touch to learn more.

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